So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Digitalize is a strategic project to support
marginalized communities in a digital era.

It is coordinated by four civil society organizations and supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The project aims to develop, test and disseminate curricula for young Roma adults reinforced by educational booklets, videos and proper equipment to access and use internet services in the times of constant change.


Digitalize brings people together

What we accomplished in the two-years-long project

Transnational meetings

The partnership organized a joint staff training between 8-12 May, 2022 in Brebu,Romania. Furthermore, multiple transnational meetings were organized in the partner countries.

Local activities

We've developed two training modules to improve basic ICT competences of Roma adults in marginalised positions and piloted the modules in the partner countries.

Curricula and booklets

Piloted training modules are documented and curricula is published in a booklet available in 5 languages - English, Macedonian, German, Hungarian and Romanian. Furthermore, presentations are published to aid training sessions.

Info videos

Info videos were developed and published to further aid the learning process of young citizens in the age of digitlaisation.

Digital equipment

The partnership provided tablets with internet connection for their beneficiaries in the framework of the project to ensure access to online services should lockdowns and increased digital presence would be necessary in the near future.

Dissemination events

Four dissemination events were organized in the participating countries involving local stakeholders and decision makers to ensure sustainability of our activities.

The Partnership

Amaro Foro

is offering counselling and support for integration into the society of the Sinty and Roma in Berlin, also running the largest social contact point for Roma in Germany which is funded by Berlin local government. It provides advice on employment, education, health, housing and social security issues and support Roma in their affairs with the administration.

Együttható Egyesület

is a grassroot non-governmental organization engaged in youth work and education. The organization is built around the value of solidarity and promoting the importance of inclusion. Együttható operates an afterschool in Gyöngyös offering services daily, Hungary and a youth information office in the 4th district of Budapest.

Nevo Parudimos

is an apolitical, non governmental, non-discriminatory civic and independent assciation from other state bodies, created by free choice and initiative of founding members in August 2008.Currently the association conducts youth activities locally, regionally and nationally, and internationally through various youth mobilities.


is an informative educational centre for supporting young Roma from the north-east region of the Republic of Macedonia works on affirmation and promotion of the opportunities for personal development and integration, as well as promoting active citizenship and self-inclusion in the creation of youth policies of young Roma.